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death, porn, and crime. i'm there.


There is nothing better than veggie porn. Especially first thing in the morning !


I did read The Incredible Journey of Harold Fry and loved it. I've read several Jo Nesbo books, including The Bat which I gave AAA rating. I'll pass on the veggie porn. I'm not a veggie lover, per se, so all that is totally lost on me. On the other hand, if it was candy/sweets porn I'd be all over it.


I loved the Harold/Queenie stories and agree about how end of life could be so much better!


I read both Harold Fry (first) and then Queenie Hennessy and thought they were both terrific. Loved reading both sides of the story. Haven't read any Jo Nesbo books, but will have to check them out since we seem to have a lot of the same taste in book. Thanks for sharing!!

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