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I hope he let you scratch his ears!

Vicki in Michigan

Is it possible you changed camera cards, and there's a camera card in a jeans pocket or something? Check your pockets carefully before you do the wash......


Corrupted memory card? Glitch in the camera ? Who knows. I've never had it happen to me, Were other photos on the same card, were they OK?

Kitty is adorable. Where are you eating? Pix?


I need to tell my son about this garden--he is a landscaper and I know he would be interested in it. I am so sorry you lost all your photos!!


So glad you found Connie's legacy garden in Lincoln City. I was there in early June and surprised by what I saw. I especially liked the way it is open and people can wander in through the wide open gates. Not a typical coastal garden in character at all either and a sweet surprise.
Hope you find your other photos.

Judy H.

Awesome garden! Now noted in my travel to-do list.

Always nice to meet a new kitty. :)

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