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Amy at love made my home

Well you did need to get more flowers - and peaches! - to make up for the weeks that you missed didn't you! I would have bought the peaches for the box alone! Never mind the peaches as well. Beautiful flowers as always! You choose the best flowers. xx


Oh how beautiful! I will be stopping by for peach cobbler later. :)


You can never have too many peaches!! This is my favorite time of year at the Farmers market--every week I buy a large basket of peaches and I don't seem to have any trouble eating them in a week!! "real" peaches--so good--its the thing I look most forward to in summer along with bacon and tomato sandwiches!!

Barbara Tarbox

Carol, your last picture, at the kitchen counter, gives FULL meaning to the word
Speaks of summer: fields of flowers, rows and mounds of vegetables, trees heavy
With golden globes of juicy fruit.
Thank you soil, thank you sun, thank you rain and thank you farmers.
Thank you Carol for supporting local farmers and bringing home the fruits of their

Chris Oliveira

What Barbara Tarbox said.


Do you take a red wagon around the market to get all your treasures into?

The haul shown on the kitchen counter is fab! Just like a postcard from KS!.


I Love the last photo with all your glorious farmer's market bounty so beautifully arranged. You could make a whole photo book of your gorgeous market gatherings - as the seasons, flowers, and produce change - so lush and beautiful.


What a beautiful bounty from the Farmer's Market. I love peaches & of course you needed lots of flowers! I wish I could have heard the lovely rendition of Edelweiss...that was my Mom's favorite song. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures.

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