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Debbie J

Oh my gosh! It looks so fabulous! I'm so excited for you! I'm clapping for you, can you hear me?! I want to make one too. Exactly like yours, same colors and everything! Now, go do the happy dance.


looks so velvety and soft!



Amy at love made my home

Fabulous Carol!!!!! I have enjoyed seeing your posts as you have worked on this, not quite, but mostly from the start and it has been great to see the progress. Nothing like the finished blanket though!!! It looks so cosy and snuggly and just the thing ready for winter!!! Love the edging too!!! It must be the time for finishing snuggly things as I just shared the finishing of my quilt! Happy Snuggling!!! xx

Heidi Sue

perfect! and such fortitude! here's to many years of happy use!


Gorgeous! Love the colours. I have never seen a pattern like that and the colours you chose are perfect. What a stellar piece of work


Your afghan is so beautiful!! and will be so nice to have this winter--I am most impressed that you would wrap it around yourself as hot as it was yesterday!!!LOL. Do you follow Amanda Perkins blog--she has the most gorgeous crochet patterns!! and she is having a sale right now--her blankets and scarves are to die for. I am very tempted--but my crochet skills are elementary--I might give it a try anyway.

Vicki in Michigan

Nice work! I love the idea of doing a "square" in each of many different places, and then remembering where I was when looking at the squares, when using the finished work........


its wonderful! can't wait to see the quilt with it!

Chris Oliveira

It's gorgeous!!



Judy H.


Beth Leintz

Love it, one of the most beautiful afghans I've ever seen.

Anne Lathan

Stunning Carol!

pam mckean

Exquisite! Please bring it to class so we can see it!! Congratulations--really beautiful.


Gorgeous colors and beautifully done. Wishing it were mine.

Barbara Casillas

Amazing, exquisite, gorgeous…not only beautiful, but the endurance and patience to see it through. And as an added bonus, the memories of the places you worked on it. I am always impressed with your ongoing cooking skills (as I am greatly lacking), and the knitted pieces you create.


It's beautiful, Carol! And the scalloped edge in that green is just perfect. Looks really warm, too.

Erika N

It took a while but ended up gorgeous. Well worth every month!

Leslie J. Moran

Oh my stars! Just as Labour Day is on it's way out, I have time to look at blogs.....and THIS! Yowsa. That's a work of ART. Such a wonderful feeling of finishing and having a perfect start on the next season. It's simply fabulous. Congratulations. Sure you will have many nostalgic cozy evenings in which to create more tall tales. Brava!

Sherry peck

Absolutely Devine, rich and prettiest I have EVER seen! Totally my taste...worth more than money!

Kathy Pennekamp

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gorgeous. I love the green edging next to all those colors. It does look velvety.


I know this is meant to be used but it truly is a work of art......
Missy from the bayou


OH MY! What a labor of love this is! You've finished it off beautifully with that green scalloped edging. What are the finished measurements? Do you have a King size bed to put this baby on? It looks huge, warm, and so soft. Ridges nn the back are OK in my book. I don't have the stick to it to the end work ethic you have. I get tired of things that are big, so I focus on small baby things or lap afghans to wrap up in when it's cold here, which can't be soon enough for me! It'll be 106F here by week's end. Disgusting, eh?

I'm busy purging all the craft stuff in my overfilled front bedroom and want to turn it back into a bedroom for me filled with book shelves, an new adjustable bed like I saw at the furniture store where I bought a new recliner at a door buster holiday sale...Only been looking for the right one for two years. 10 mins inside the store & found it right away...fabulous price too. Clapping hands.

Thanks for sharing all your projects, recipes, trips to the farmers market, trips with sister, all of it. I love visiting both of your blogs. You make my day.

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