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Sharon Walworth

You definitely need an adirondack back pack! (google that one)..........you could shop, shoot, and --when the vendors have loaded you down with veggies (flowers sticking out of the top, of course)---shuffle on home. Yes, a hat would be appropriate.


I always love your farmers market photos. George and I split up at the market--we each have our list--he buys eggs and heavy stuff like watermelons or cantaloupes--I buy tomatoes and cucumbers and when peaches were in season i ran to get into the LONG line. I have never seen orange thistles before--I assume that is the orange spiky flower--it is gorgeous!!!! I've seen purple ones-but these are spectacular!

Vicki in Michigan

Granny cart?

I always buy, first, the thing I would be the saddest if it was gone. I really hate when someone else buys MY peaches, so that is first on my list.

Once I have my peaches, I can think about what else I want..........

It does help to have a porter. Men are so good at carrying stuff......... Perhaps if you promised him one of those popsicles? We usually go out for breakfast after the markent. A powerful inducement.


Well, having a bearer is good too but sometimes they can question your purchases. Sometimes this is wise because I can get carried away and my eyes are often larger than our fridge space. However, many vendors are happy to store my purchases under the table so I can make a jaunt or two to my car. This MAY work in Kansa too...

Karen Schumacher

I take my kids' old little red wagon [yes, it's a Radio Flyer]. I'm only 5' tall so it works well for me, plus then my husband can sleep in, too. If me & my little red wagon ever make it from our northern California Farmers Market to yours in Kansas we'd be the perfect photo op for you!

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