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Oh! I love this post: your photos, yourself lying on the tree...all of it. Made me recall the book by Barbara Kingsolver, Flight Behavior. Do read it. Even though it is quite long (433 pages), she is a teacher, philosopher and psychologist in her books. What's not to love about that. And I was all about thinking that same thing, how do they do it? I thought for years that one butterfly made that entire trip (up to Canada and back to Mexico). Turns out it takes four, I think, generations of the beauties to accomplish the task.
Oh, plus the milkweed factor...very interesting.
Get the book, for sure.

Leslie J. Moran

The real story is that I told them to go. Here in Canada we are celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend. It only gets colder and wilder here from now on. I had a chat with them whilst putting away our summer patio, whispering that if they went now, they had a chance of seeing you lying down on the California coast. They waved goodbye and fluttered off, so thankful that I'd given them good directions and a hearty fare thee well. So there you go. Mystery solved :)


I just saw my first Monarch of the season down here in NZ...

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