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Amy at love made my home

After an unsuccessful trip to the American food shop to buy candy corn at the weekend - as in they didn't have any at all!!!!! - I was thinking of you and your container and your candy corn and peanuts, wondering if you had hit the two bag limit yet! I will just think of you instead of eating any this year. It will save calories. Or I will eat something else instead!! Happy candycorning!!! xx


I'm afraid i have already eaten my one bag allotment of candy corn this year--almost a month ago and boy was it good!!


Since I not longer eat anything containing sugar, the candy corn/peanut mix is off my radar. I'll enjoy it vicariously through you and your cute little basket keeper of the corn.


I thought it was a weird idea last year but somehow we ended up with a bag of candy corn which we both will not eat so I froze it. Made your mix this year and darn if it isn't good. It's gone and so the 2015 crop has been finished!

It should be off my radar too...amazing what a good dose of salt does!


We just don't get stuff like that here... if I ever go to America... it will be at Halloween...


I've been enjoying this treat every year since I first saw you post about it... it's very, very addicting. I'm planning on making it for my next herb society's meeting to spread the love.

Sharon Walworth

oh dear. i wish i had skipped reading this entry. the candy corn/peanut mix is a real winner. darn.


I have the same basket and the same liner but my lid has a scarecrow painted on it. I love candy corn and peanuts but have refrained from getting some because we will eat it. (make sense doesn't it)? I will pick up one bag here soon, but everytime I go to the grocery it calls and waves to be picked up. I look the other way.

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