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Thanks for sharing your trip with us... you guys *always* have fun wherever you go!

Judy H.

Loved it all!


rIf you find one of those cars let me know--sounds like a good way to travel!!

Vicki in Michigan

Comfy seats, good cup holders, and tray tables for sketching!


Thank you for taking us along. What a wonderful trip!


Coastal California is an awesome trip. I've done it several times. It does something for the soul, doesn't it?

Enjyed tagging along for all the colorful places you visited.

jacki long

Thank you for this trip and for all the other daily jaunts that you photograph and express so perfectly.
You girls are a treasure! ♥♥♥

Leslie J. Moran

As always, you add to my bucket list. Some of those little houses are just TOO MUCH! Great eye for details sister-girl :)

Caroline Berk

I have been to Cambria twice and would go again if given the chance. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


Oh... those cottages... *sigh* And the witchy, tarot one... waaaaaaaah!

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