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Thanks for the recommendation. I have already added it to my library wish list.


My suggestion is the book by Larissa Macfarquhar,
Strangers Drowning. It is a book about what she calls do-gooders. V very interesting stories and each chapter is another take on the whole do-gooders human dilemma...how can you buy all those dinners and gifts when right to your left a child is drowning?
I decided extreme Utilitarianism is not the answer for me...but, I now feel better about that check I wrote to a total stranger when a trusted friend said her house burned down and she needed help.


I loved that book! xox Sharron


Loved the book. I grew up in ND/MN and so much of the book rang true to me.


I'm adding this to my audio book list. Sounds good. I love stories about regional foods and the people to make them.

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