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Barbara Tarbox

Love Kinsey's world inhabited by Henry, William, Rosie and others. Many new readers
Find Grafton's style plodding and full of too many extraneous details. That's precisely
why I find this alphabet series so enjoyable. Her characters are relatable, they could
possibly live in your neighborhood. Kinsey carries on in a world that could exists a
few doors down the street. Sometimes I feel like I could run into her and we could
enjoy one of Henry's delectable goodies.
Sue Grafton writes simple, straightforward fiction. It's a breath of fresh air in what
seems sometimes like a world full of sensationalize chaos and confusion.


I may try this series as many have come through our house for, yes, middle school boys in DC. Apparently the school we buy for finds that the boys really like them! Good enough for me. ;)


I was given a paperback of the "P" book, but knew it was a series starting with "A is for Alibi and felt they needed to be read in proper order. For some unknown reason, I have lost the ability to become lost in an actual book. Being a life long book reader this distresses me no end. The best I can manage now is an occasional audio book that I listen to when I walk in the park. Maybe this series is just what I need to get me out of my chair and walking again.


These are some of my favorite books! I have been friends with Kinsey for years and will miss her dearly when Sue Grafton gets to Z.


what happened to Y and Z. Oh no, she can't be finished.


please erase that comment from your mind forever. Key word installment , duh!


I have seen these but never tried them, must try her A for Alibi on Kindle...

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