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Amy at love made my home

I remember when you posted this before, a very touching moment. xx


what a beautiful memory!

Chris Oliveira

So precious. ❤️


Oh I love Angie re-runs! This one is particularly wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.


Such a tender time, love the Angie reruns!


The Angie re-runs always make me smile!


These are so wonderful...that's why I love photography it allows you see and feel those special moments forever. BTW, you look so much like your mom...sending you hugs.


This was such a sweet meeting between grt grandmother and child. I distinctly remember when you posted this as I do all the Angie posts. Wonderful memories, thanks for sharing your family with us.

Linda Watson

I remember this one and the moment of Angie and Katherine Ray in deep private discussion still says it all. Thanks for posting this.

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