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Getting out all those ornaments is tiring. We live in a condo now and that requires going out of the condo-up to the storage area-locating the boxes and then because we are in a much smaller place-moving everything out of the way and finding someplace to put it so the Christmas decorations can go up. So you may think I am a bah humbug, but I put up decorations every other year--so this year, I will just kick back and watch Christmas movies and enjoy all the decorations and go to my daughters house and enjoy her Christmas tree.


Omigosh Carol! My dining room table looks exactly the same! I have had no big oomph to propel me towards Christmas decorating. My cross stitch WIPs and a cozy afghan sing their siren song to me as the rain pours down.


I love the photo with all your autumn stuff together! I don't do much decorating for Christmas, or any holiday, to keep things simple and easy on myself - our smallish tree, a wreath on the door, a very few Christmas things in the living room and that's it. But I always have forced amaryllis and paperwhites in the kitchen - not so much Christmas-y as gardening in winter. :)


I ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥ your mini-mittens! If you ever decide to make a few to sell please put me first on the list to purchase! I'm not really into garlands but I could really go for some mini-mitten swag!!


My fall decor is still hanging on. We don't do Christmas decorating any more, we don't have family near us, no little kids that make it so much fun, so just the two of us here spend a very quiet time and enjoy the outdoor decorations in our neighborhood.

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