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Amy at love made my home

My goodness, quite a challenge indeed!!! Your velvet pumpkins will be beautiful though and very well worth all the effort I am sure! xx


Since I'm just getting back to knitting after months of hand issues, I'll leave this to the stronger, younger folks. I'm surprised they don't sell "fake" stems for velvet pumpkin making! They make"fake" everything else.

jacki long

Great stems! And a very cool post! Will you leave the stems as is? Or will you cut off some excess? Or will you let them dry out>
I'm probably not going to try it with my arthritic digits, but am fascinated and hope for a follow up!?


Makes my joints ache just reading about it!
However on a more positive note, I made your pecan bars with the suggested assistance of King Arthur and they're awesome! Thanks xox


Now you have all that delicious pumpkin to eat!! I keep my stems until I eat the pumpkin unless of course they start to go mouldy. Took me years to learn the art of drying gourds, seems stems is a similar science!!

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