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jacki long

Happy for you all and love your poster!


Have fun!!

Vicki in Michigan

Love your poster! Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda Watson

Feed well! It's a beautiful time of the year to be in the desert. Look out your window as you pass over a brown house on the corner with a bunch of yarns hanging out to dry and an orange cat sunning on the roof. I'll wave.


Have a fantastic time at the Palm Springs retreat. You and your sister are wonderfully inspiring. In more ways that you know. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Keep on painting and cooking and baking and going to the farmers' market. It's so much fun to vicariously live in Kansas.


wait. we're going to be stripping?


You'll have a marvelous time, as usual. Love the poster, is it computer generated?


Can. not. wait!!!! One more day of working hard and then play...Safe travels and hurry up! (Love the art retreat badge you made too)

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