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jacki long

Love this post! ♥♥♥

Heidi Sue

ode to a redbud! ours split down the middle in a violent storm two years ago and i have never recovered. the tiny tight buds are one of my favorite harbingers of spring...second only to a forsythia bloom. to elevate the red bud to flower-arrangement status is brilliant and apropos! lovely!

Nancy , daughter of Marti Huff,  aunt of Will Pfanmiller and aunt in law of Lauren Pfanmiller

So I knew that my questions about your questions would be answered when I got here. I love my family tree all layed out !! .. And yes, you're funny too!!


oh, how my mind is exploding...Jim Croce, 1972, and this whole rambling post. Love it. L O L at my computer. Thanks:)

Chris Oliveira

It made it even better when I read Nancy's comment (because of her Huff and Pfanmiller fame).

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