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Just beautiful, such a lovely looking place. Maybe the people of Amsterdam would want to come to Lake Shawnee in Topeka to see the tulips! 💐 Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos.

Judy H.

Did not know about this! We used to go years ago to a private home in Topeka that opened its grounds at tulip time. Loved it. Will have to get over to this display.

Sharon Walworth

No visit to Holland would be complete without experiencing Aalsmeer, the flower "market" near the airport, where you can watch as enormous crates of flowers roll by to be purchased and put on the planes for immediate shipment. Google it for a good look!!!

Janet Ghio


Vicki in Michigan

Wow. Wow. Wow.

One gorgeous shot after another..................

Thank you for taking us along.

Chris Oliveira



Those beautiful photos of the tulips make me want to plant at least a hundred. When do you plant tulip bulbs...spring? or is in the fall?
Anyway, that place looks heavenly...well worth the five dollars.

Judy H.

Follow-up: We went to see the Lake Shawnee tulips/garden yesterday. Also visited the tulips at Gage Park (will go back when the Rose Garden is blooming), and the botanical garden at Old Prairie Town. Loved them all! Always on the lookout for more gardens to visit. :)

jeanette sclar

You are incredibly resourceful and a constant source for my "to do" list!


Ohh la la those last tulips were beautiful! I saved the picture for future use. The lighting was fabulous.

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