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jacki long

♥♥♥ brussel sprouts, so will have to try this, soon!
You look terrific in your blue!

Janet Ghio

It is a beautiful pattern. Having just discovered brussel sprouts in the past year, I have always roasted them. Hadn't thought of eating them raw.


the scarf is a zinger !Great color.
I will try the brussel sprout salad. They are the one thing I don't really like, this may do it for me.

Leslie J. Moran

Your smile!!! You wear it so well :) The rest is pretty glamorous too. Well done on this amazing pattern. I'm rounding up the wool for your wonderful poncho and have a lead on felted wool. xxxxx


It is marvy and beautiful!


Darling, you wook marvelus:)

Heidi Sue

that color looks beautiful on you! the scarf is divine!

Judy H.

Gorgeous scarf/shawl. :)


Having checked out the pix on the pattern link, I think your way of wearing is best. Love the color and the yarn looks to be heavenly to the touch.

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