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Amy at love made my home

It really looks like a beautiful book!


It is stunning, no? It is published by the company where my youngest works. I bought it online without knowing. When she walked in that night I was in bed drooling over it. She shrieked. Seemed she had spent the day cleaning up fonts and readying it a new edition. She didn't her mother was a witch. Or then again, she would probably say she did!


Speaking (or writing) of good books, Fredrik Backman who wrote "A Man Called Ove" has a new book out. I know you enjoyed Ove and since you are getting ready to travel there you might want to see if your library has a copy of his new book, "Britt-Marie Was Here" I read Ove and loved it. If you judge books by their covers this new one looks pretty good. It's on my summer reading list.

Sharon Walworth

Book recommendation here: Run to the "liberry" to request "the curious charms of Arthur Pepper", a beautiful first novel by Phaedra Patrick. I stayed up almost all night (privilege of the retired, eh?) to keep reading "just one more chapter." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I love Louise Bourgeois, Maman was magnificent... ! Thanks for sharing this Carol, and belated happy birthday!

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