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What a great apartment. It's great that you and your sister can share a fun adventure together!!!

jacki long

Just perfect, thank you Carol.

Chris Oliveira

Lovely! Is that a real working fireplace in that tiny room? And did you hang all the garlands, or were they already there? You love garlands, I know!

Vicki in Michigan

Looks wonderful! Thank you for the tour!

So glad you two are taking us along. Thank you!


I haven't thought of Mr. McGregor or his garden in eons.That is a lovely little spot you've found. I am starting to get jealous.

Caroline Berk

I wish that I had come with you (not that there was an invitation) I have started painting again and posting and I am sure that there is much fodder there for both!


I always love seeing the d├ęcor of all the wonderful places you stay. I am surely in love with that 3 pendant light fixture over the table! As well as the garland in Gilberts room. Lovely tour.

Leslie Gardiner

Hi Carol, Every morning I look first at your blog to see, if you have extolled over Stockholm again! It seems too perfect, and a daily treat for the eyes and everything else. Thanks for sharing your experiences here with your fans! I am thoroughly enjoying your adventure. A big " Hi " to your sister too!

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