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Wonderful snippets of your adventure! Trying new foods is a fabulous part of traveling.

Vicki in Michigan

Frida Kahlo pigeons in Swedish embroidery. Who knew.

So grateful to be taken along on this expedition!

Heidi Sue

such beautiful images from a great adventure!

Angie A.

Looks like you ladies are having a wonderful time! Looking forward to more shared fun!


Beautiful post and I am enjoying instagram. Love the big smile with sister.

jacki long

Thanks Carol for taking us along! ♥


Those textiles are begging to be painted. Loving your posts from Sweden.

Leslie Gardiner

Hi Carol, How I love feeling a part of your travel adventures! Your pictures show us a gorgeous, yet quaint smidgen of Stockholm. Say, " Hi " to your travel adventurer extraordinaire for me, and soak it all in!


Thank you for being a textile lover and posting pictures here-I think this is my all time favorite post ever in the history of your blog. Thank you for taking the time!

Caroline Berk

Long striped stockings. Wouldn't that be fun! I like the re ones although the blue is also nice an would suffice.

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