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Beautiful photos, as usual. I never tire of your Farmer's Market pics. Chard was one of my Gran's favorite greens, always had some in the garden.

I'm knee deep into my latest obsession: knitting podcasts on You Tube, yes, videos of knitters doing their thing. It's like a knit & natter but they do all the talking and show and tell. It sure beats watching some of the junk that's on TV, especially with all the political ads that make me want to tear my hair out. So ugly.

jacki long

Another outstanding post Carol,
you are so consistently terrific.
My hero!


You are such a sillyheart. Thats why we "wuv" you!

Caroline Berk

Re: wafers and cream. It is the horrendous stuff from either side about the election - makes us need comfort food. Kudos on coming to your senses instead of waiting until, with a start, you realized that you had eaten them all.

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