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Amy at love made my home

You are amazing Carol! I am sure that Angie is very proud!!


What a lovely tradition your family has kept going.

My grands had a farm,life & death happen there. I learned that death is part of life at a very young age. I'm grateful for that.


You have a wonderful tradition of visiting and sprucing up the graves, especially with the young generations a part of it. I know your parents would be so pleased.

jacki long

This is wonderful Carol!
Family traditions & stories so important!

Sharron Carleton

I grew up walking through the orchards with my grandmother, carrying flowers to family graves... very often we stayed to have a little picnic... now I'm the grandmother taking the grandchildren...it's a ritual of continuity...xoxox

Linda Watson

So beautiful that you do this. I find that as it gets longer and longer since my mom or dad or brother walked this earth, my stories of them get richer and richer. I can forget the hard times (and there were many) and the good, loving, caring stuff gets stronger and stronger.

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