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stacey vadaj

Same here. Ohio's term is sweeper and i've never called a vacuum that.


Maryland's slang is snowball which is a frozen treat ... and not really a slang term around here. Everyone I know, young and old, and pretty much anywhere in the state I have been, knows and uses that term during the summer when it is hot and you want something icy cold. I grew up with snowballs... had to switch to snow cones when I lived in Indiana. One part of the explanation talked about marshmallow cream. That is a Baltimore thing. Not an entire state of Maryland thing.

But once it get really warm outside, we will all have snowballs again. The truck even comes to my job site so all of us (about 750 on any given day) can wait in line for our taste of this frozen treat.

Karen Schumacher

California checks in with "hella", and I actually know someone who says it occasionally. She fits the user profile in the definition, circa Duran Duran & INXS generation. And I was SO hoping for "Dude."

Caroline Berk

I have been known to say that I was fixing' to do something.(TN) Interestingly I am familiar with terms from many other places. Do you suppose that is the effect of reading, movies or (most likely) TV?

Judy H.

Yes, I have heard the KS term, except it is said 'shucky dern" with an E and not an A. ;-)

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