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Dottie Moss

Oh, Mom's thimble! Maybe sending Hasbro this post will persuade them of the folly of their ways. If not, we can take them rounds and rounds of your washington cherry martinis which we know will make them ultimately cave
and keep Mom's thimble in circulation.
Mostly, thanks, sister for recounting these details which make Mom live again.

jacki long

So love every Angie story. Thanks for sharing.


Angie!! So nice to see her this morning. Let me know if you need me to write letters.


I think I miss Angie almost as much as I miss my own mom. Thanks for a lovely memory (even if I wasn't there....)


I always love your Angie stories. Keep 'em coming.


I do remember the post about the Monopoly Marathon. Look at that sweet face so smug with bundle of money and probably had the Boardwalk and Park Place properties too. Aren't wacky family times so much fun? I've had laugh times that made my face ache and ribs hurt from laughter.

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