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very good news ! i like "gardening season has begun" - may i suggest to put some medium white stones under the branches of your lavender ?

Caroline Berk

We need to plant a water garden - something like a small retention pond with flowers. I have basically no idea what I am doing but my guess is that Mother Nature will teach me as we go.

Peggy Fry

put lime or fireplace ashes around the soil on the lavender. after killing many, I read that they really like sweet soil, not acid. It has helped ever since.

'witches broom' on roses? is that a disease or a structural problem?

we have passed the peak of the Pear trees, forsythia and Japonica shrubs, redbuds are coming into their own (blooming) and the daffodils!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love spring. I should send you a picture of my flowering almond bush. pure delight.

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