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Wow. What beautiful cookies. What a great team effort in celebrating the holiday. Yum yum. Yay for both of you!


LOL :D I needed this post today! Thank you Carol (and Chris!)


My maiden name is Dolan, so I know what you mean about St. Patrick's Day...serious business indeed. My grandson, Ian Christopher, was born on this day, he just turned 2 By Gosh & By Golly. The ancestors came from County Mayo during the Potato Famine.
The cookies look great and agree that they all taste good no matter what kind of decoration is put on them.

Judy H.

Ha! Excellent cookie-ing! :D


chris is writing posts now at TTHdqts!

Caroline Berk

I should be careful about checking your posts when it is late and I should not eat but I would like to. Cookies no less! aaaaaargh! They look so good. Beautiful lightly browned edges, perfect thin-ness. yum!

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