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jacki long

Simply beautiful! ;o)


trust me, it would take more than a truckload of tulips to make up for what it looks like outside my window!!! about 3 feet of snow and one car totally buried. it took hours to clear out the car and get an area cleared where the doggies could go out and do their business. sigh..... mother nature's a *itch.

Caroline Berk

Our six flakes of snow did not even require tulips, but I really enjoyed yours! I have been painting sunshine and hoping for warm weather again. Not a fan of winter, although I try to like it, I really do.


We've had record breaking heat here in the Intermountain West...15 degrees above normal. It was 90F today! Way too early for these temps and doesn't bode well for summer's wrath when we bake our brains!


here in the outermountain coastal west there is not a snowflake in sight

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