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Carol, it was me. I've read so many of the books you have recommended and loved them! I had a feeling you might also like this one. I'm so glad you did! I'm up to 2 miles, 4 times a week.

On another note, I just finished Rabbit Cake, an excellent listen. I admit to a very strong urge to bake a rabbit cake and may have to track down that cake pan!

Vicki in Michigan

I've put it on reserve. :-)

My yoga teacher says one reason old people are likely to become poor walkers is because their quads get really tight. She points out that nothing we do regularly, moving through our lives, stretches our quads.... You might want to add quad stretches to "what to do right now, to promote good walking later." :-)

KAthy Pennekamp

Thank you!!!!! I love your recommendations!!!! Keep them coming!!!,


This has been on my Amazon wish list and now that I've got your recommendation, I may just have to order it!


Here's a recommendation for you: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Maybe you've read it already. If not give it a try...I think you will like it.

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