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Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

The handpie sounds incredible since it contains three of my favorite foods...apples, cheddar cheese and rosemary.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

jacki long

Yummy, everything just yummy! ♥
Happy Easter Carol!

Janet G

I always love your farmers market posts!

jeanette sclar

Whew! You kept me in suspense till the very end about the hand pie!


That pie looks suspiciously like a Cornish Pasty. Cornwall (my home county) invented them centuries ago. They are sold everywhere but, by law, only those made here can be called Cornish. There's lots of folklore attached to them from the miners' time. Anywhere in the world where there are mines, you'll find the descendants of Cornish miners.

Love the little sprig of rosemary to decorate!

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