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Janet G

Now I want cake


Cake, cake and more cake... that's always the BEST!!!


I am gonna have to make my way to Kansas some time. To see your farmer's market in action. To see your marvelous quilts and scarves and shawls. To taste a meal prepared by you and your talented husband. And to watch you and your California-based, artistic, journaling, inspiring sister (who would happen to be in town, of course) sketch and paint. Or perhaps I could be the valet or kitchen clean up crew when you and your sister and your friend have your art retreats out in the desert. I promise to just watch and not get in the way. And I will only eat just a little bit, just enough to taste the deliciousness of your collective kitchen giftedness. I hope it's not too forward of me to invite myself ... but you all are such an inspiration to me.

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