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Amy in Texas

Thank you for plucking away at the keys. Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing. I do so enjoy visiting Tall Tales.

Debbie Janelle

Wow, 6 years is a long time. I've been here, almost every night, reading along. Thanks for taking the time to add to my amusement! I have truly enjoyed your photos and stories, and would miss you, if you were to stop blogging. Good night, and happy dreams!


I'm in agreement with the other commenters. I appreciate your writing no matter who the audience. The world feels lighter after I read your daily musings! Thanks for sharing.


I've been reading since you started - sent over by your sister Mary Ann. I am not much of a commenter, but I enjoy your trips to the farmer's market, visiting with the geese, pumpkin patches and the occasional words of wisdom - so, thank you.


Thank you for deciding to continue to inspire me! Like Renate, I discovered you b/c of Mary Ann. And while situations with all us lead to reading all the time or occasionally (and then devouring missed posts), we are still here. Wondering if I should take up quilting (too much work), loving your walks, knitting similar things and thanking the heavens for nurses like you in jobs like yours. Please know that you are like a old fashioned pen pal --- who we all share lovingly.


I've learned a few things from you too. Thank you for that.


I came over to visit you at Mary Ann's direction and I've been stopping by ever since. I love the lilacs, the trees and Farmer's Market. You've introduced me to new books and new recipes, cocktails included. It's been fun, I'm glad you're here!

Loretta Marvel

Yours is one of about five blogs I check religiously several times a week. It always is bright and cheery and fun. It make me laugh, think , and sometimes weep. I want to retire and come live in your guest room and make napkins and visit the Farmer's Market every weekend. Love to you always!


Don't stop!


Thanks for doing it, Carol. I enjoy seeing the world through your lens.

Joan Coats

Few have your unique talent for blogging. You have become my friend , without ever meeting you.! Thank you for what you do.


you gave me a scare. Might have to have 3 cups of coffee after that.
I would miss you so much. When I wake up I put the coffee on and type in tall tale the rest come right up and my day has begun.
Selfish side of me says'go nowhere' I need you. No antics?
That's alright. Just don't go.

Barbara Tarbox

In these times of great turmoil and maniacal, impulsive , disrespective behavior, your
blog is a welcoming refuge. Because we are bombarded with information, much of
it propagandized misinformation, your blog (and MM's) is like a glass of cold lemonade
On a hot summer day.
You call attention to the beauty of the world around us, to the blessings of friendship,
family, good food, the privilege of small towns, celebrations, the books we read, the
travel to far away places, the animals who comfort and amuse us.
If you did decide to stop writing, I for one would miss your evenhanded style of
Moving through a very ordinary life with extraordinary grace,
I hope you and Mary Ann continue writing and sharing with us, blessings on you
whatever you decide

Leslie J. Moran

What everyone else said and ~ I love you for it:)

choc chip sally

I'm a regular reader for the past couple of years, but rarely comment. (maybe only 2 or 3 times??) So happy that you "plunk away at the keyboard" about all kinds of ordinary and extraordinary things. I love reading about your farmer's market produce and the recipes that you make with them, and also the sewing/quilting/knitting posts. Thank you!


Carol, I don't often comment, but I always read your new posts and enjoy hearing about the little and big things going on in your life! Small pleasures such as cooking, sewing, smelling flowers, the farmers market...all good stuff! I'm sometimes inspired to start my own blog, but wonder if I could keep going at it. Well, maybe I'll just do what you did...just start...and see where it goes!

Christine Horlbeck

I need my weekly visits to the farmer's market. And will visit Lawrence one day. Just as familiar as Lake Woebegan.

KAthy Pennekamp

Just so you know your blog is the only one I read. You have taught me so much about how to me happy with simple things in life. You are an inspiration and a very energetic person and you make me think about life around me. I started the book Rabbit Cake today because you recommended it! I go to farmers markets and really look at people differently. You are loved by many and I have told my husband if we lived closer to you I am sure we would be best friends! Keep inspiring us with life and your words of wisdom. You are a true talent!

Kathy Pennekamp

robin cox walsh

All the above!

Sharron Carleton

So pleased you're going to keep on keeping on! xox

jeanette sclar

I heartily endorse your approach to figuring things out! I get your posts through an aggregator...do you know if that coin counted as "views" by your calculator? I hope so...if not, you can add 2000 views to your total!


So glad you haven't stopped writing and sharing all that you do. I've learned a
lot from your stories, inspirations, your recipes, crafting and shared readings. You remind me to get off my duff and just begin...thank you. Thanks to Mary Ann Moss for introducing you on her blog. It was a joy.


I don't comment much, but I love your blog!


Carol, I'm afraid I am what they call a lurker (?). I read every post religiously but don't comment much. I will start commenting more so you know I'm watching and loving what you're saying = would be broken hearted if I lost you! A girl needs feedback darn it! Shame on my silence! xo Liz in Oregon

jacki long

I have enjoyed every post and thank you for your many, many talents and insights. I truly look forward to whatever you bring to your beautiful pages. Thanks so much for sharing Carol! ♥

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