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Becky Haynes

My heart also lurched at the first hint of the demise of your wonderful blog. While figuring out life is a goal we all pursue, I pray you never do...I so enjoy your process of trying to do just that. Thank you for sharing all aspects so generously. You turn a word to perfection.

Linda Watson

And Hello! back to you. I wonder if I didn't read your blog if I would collect as many recipes, and increase my books-to-be-read list so regularly. I wonder if I would cry and smile at the things in my own life that also seem to be in yours quite as often. I wonder if, without your gardening, and especially succulents and bougainvillea, I'd appreciate the plants who grow so easily in my yard in So Cal and metaphorically wish for cold winters and icy trees. Maybe, who knows? But I'm glad I don't have to find out, at least not right now. Here's to the pursuit of knitting, stories, the meaning of life, good food,walks in parks, cooking and friends (online and real)!

Vicki in Michigan

Happy Blogiversary! :-)

I, too, figure things out by writing about them.

I, too, think about the stories I want to tell here, when I'm experiencing my daily life.

Thank you for the time and energy you put into sharing your thought/experiences/travels with us. :-)


I rarely leave a comment on a blog but on this day I'll take a minute to thank you for taking the time to share your adventures, recipes, book recommendations, travels with your sisters, and life in general. I enjoy reading your posts! Thank you,Carol!

Karen Schumacher

THIS chicken crossed the road to get a WiFi connection to read your blog. And yes, I'm a stalker & a commenter: I read every post & comment when I can't hold back the clever (to me) riposte.


It is part of my morning ritual to read your blog. Thank you for your wit, humor, love of nature's beauty, and insights. Your postings also help me to pause and enjoy another new day. As a Mulvenon relative, you may be surprised that you even give me new ideas. Please continue to share your writing and photography talents with your readers.


Happy Anniversary! Sunday mornings without a soft blanket, a hot cup of coffee and you in my blogroll wouldn't be the same!

O please do continue to talk about daily life in Kansas, take us all to the Farmer's Market on the weekends, share your results of great recipes from cocktails to cakes, recommend a good book now and then and always, always, share your creative endeavors and tales of road trips!!! We, your devoted readers, devour it all with great relish.

In a world of fashion & design blogs with slick photos and tons of advertising popping and blinking, its a wonderful to see there are a few people still doing it old school - blogging just because.

Judy H.

Hello! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your pix and posts. Very enjoyable, and I hope you'll continue to share your sights and insights with your readers. You are both a terrific writer and photographer. Keep up the good work. :)


Thank you for all those posts over these six years. It is and has been a gift to me all this time. From farmers markets, travels with family and friends and especially the time with your mom have all been read and appreciated. Thank you and hopefully many more posts will follow.

Diane Moline

So very glad you will stay in my life. While I haven't commented often (if at all), I have followed your adventures and sense of humor, as I have your as-witty sister, for years and would miss your blog very much.

Carolyn Dietrich

I hope you never stop writing this blog. I came here when your sister, Mary Ann from Dispatch from LA, put a link in one of her blog posts. I have been reading ever since. I love reading about you going to the farmers market, have gotten recipes, kept up with your travels and love it that you and Mary Ann face time and sketch together, not to mention your travels together. You blog is a bright spot in my life and I would wish you terribly if you ever stopped writing it.


Holy Moly! 6 YEARS????!!!! Mary Ann sent me here way back then. Hard to believe so much time has passed. I have been a regular commenter, read everything you write and appreciate all the time and insight you bring to this blog. I would be heartbroken if you no longer kept up Tall Tales. So, PLEEEEEZ continue to take me to the Farmer's Market, as a stowaway in your suitcase when you travel with sister or do the Art Fest in Palm Springs or wherever. You've become like a close friend and I would miss you terribly if you abandoned Tall Tales.

Dotti C

Thank you. I am the wife now turned hospice worker...for my hubby for now. Sometimes the only breaks from the care giving are quick short moments where I can disappear from reality and live vicariously on the 'net! I just love your jaunts...hikes...and especially trips to the farmers markets! BTW...your recipes are going straight to my ....oh...never mind that...they are just delish. Hubby likes what i've made too.


yoo hoo sister.
you will not stop blogging.
mom said we have to take care of each other and if you quit i'll be all aloney on my owney.
she would not like that.
you will get in trouble.
like that time you wouldn't hold my hand and walk me to school.
don't forget it!

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