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jacki long

Beautiful Carol!

Amy at love made my home

So pretty!


love the flowers. and I can smell the lilacs in my head. when I go back outside I will have to check to see if mine are budding out yet. it finally feels like spring here. yesterday I raked out flower beds on one side of my driveway and broke down snow piles on the other, LOL.

Vicki in Michigan

I could not have resisted that tiny bouquet, either. Nor the big one......

I went to the market on Saturday expecting to buy flowers, but there was not one stem of locally grown flowers by the time we got there.

Luckily I have one clump of daffodils in my back yard, and was able to pick three blooms to bring in.......


The fragrance of lilacs is beyond description. Exquisite, I picture in my head a young girl in a white gauzy sundress, twirling around with joy in her heart. Spring.
And the scent of sweet peas that my gran grew every year. She'd cut them and arrange in jelly jars on the dining table. What a lovely aroma filled the room.


like sharron's sunday dinners!!!!!

Carolyn Dietrich

I do enjoy your blog. I love the posts from the Farmers Market and the recipes and the sewing projects. You remind me how fun life can be if we just have eyes to see.

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