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I was the one, who sent you the link, about making fabric pom poms! I'm so excited to see they turned out. Did you make a garland with them? If so, I want to see more photos! I'll have to give it a try soon.

Janet G

Please share your recipe for the scones!! They look delicious.


wow that's a jam packed day... and yes, i would like try those scones too....


I checked out that scone "receipt" and it looks dandy, so I'll give it a try. I read somewhere that grating the ice cold (even frozen) butter and then chilling again makes for quickly mixed and nice textured scones. Have you tried it???? I plan to do so soon.... Thanks for recipe etc..........


Thank you Debbie! So far I have just made one, but want to do some smaller ones and then hang them all individually from the light fixture over my dining room table. My light fixture likes to be decorated, all the time. ❤️👍🏻 Carol


You've had the rain, all we've had is the wind. I detest wind. Makes me agitated and feel like I've been pummeled. One day it was so windy it toppled 2 semis, uprooted trees all over town, tore down power lines. In some parts of the valley the wind was clocked at 80 mph! So GRRRRR. I'm ready for May and calmer days ahead.


OOOOOooooo - those scones! Yay. And love the pom pom thingie idea!

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