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Janet G

Oh Bryce canyon!! Such a spectacular place. I have always wanted to go back!! Have a wonderful trip.


Carol, your second peony photo should be made into cards - it's stellar! We've always wanted to go see Bryce and Zion - I hope you have a great time. Can't wait to see your photos and hear all about your trip. Till then, have a lovely holiday weekend. xo Diana


are you going for the artist weekend that @greenleafblue and @legendeer are talking about on instagram?


Whatever you do Don't miss Head of the Rocks in Escalante National monument. Capitol Reef National Park is gorgeous especially the dirt road you can drive up along Waterpocket Fold. In the town of Boulder Utah are 2 great restaurants- Sweetwaters and Hells Backbone Grill and Farm. I can't wait to return to all of those.

Dana Burrell

You're going to visit Zion... a favorite! I'm assuming you'll do some hiking and will go up to Scout's Lookout and, if you're braver than me, Angel's Landing. In order to get there you'll be hiking a series of switchbacks called Walter's Wiggles. Since you're a photographer extraordinaire you'll need to capture the iconic image of your climb! Just google it and you'll understand. Anyway, once you get to Scout's Landing you need to take the West Rim Trail 'till you can look back and down to see the Wiggles. It's not far at all and after that climb you'll appreciate all the hard work they put in to make it all possible!

Also... make sure you have dinner at the Bit & Spur in Springdale... preferably near sunset so you can capture the golden light on the rocky mountains across the way! Sweet Potato Tamales and a Polygamy Porter on the deck... yum!

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