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Karen Goetz

Gorgeous views in every direction! Did you buy any treasures?

jeanette sclar

I can't speak for LA but here in Kansas we are suffering through an excessive heat warning period...with actual temps going into the 100's. I thought you should know what you are missing, Carol, as this makes your vacation even MORE enjoyable!

Janet G

Did you buy yarn?? Love looking at your photos and thinking how cool it must be here while in Mid Missouri we are having heat indexes of 106!!


I've been MIA from your blog for ages, I've been totally hooked on watching Floss Tube videos (about counted cross stitching people who post their projects.) I've gone back to my last visit (Utah) to catch up and see that you and sister are now off on another USA adventure to the PNW. Glorious country, eh? I'd love to be there since we have been enduring excessive heat since the 1st of JUNE!!! I'm longing for fall/ winter. I'm sure you're having your usual good time and foody adventures too.

jacki long

Perfect shots, so happy for you both!

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