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Joan Coats

I am sopping up every word you write and closely examine every picture. I "see" more than you know. Being with "sister" is as good as being solitaire. Are you sketching and painting found objects? I am .... from your pictures!!
Waiting patiently for sister's class . I need it.


I't's great fun to read about your adventures and your sister's to get the complete 'view. pity you didn't film the misadventure and final rescue!

jacki long


Ann Dettmer

Re the photo of Ferndale house above, google clock tower house ferndale washington and you'll get lots of info. I love your descriptions of things.
Ann Dettmer

Ann Dettmer

PS - Delightful 12+min video on the clock tower house:
Ann Dettmer

Linda Watson

Yet another testimony to the value of whole grains. lol I used to lock myself out of the house rather regularly. Had to climb up on an antique milk container, scale the fence, drop down and fetch the key to let myself in the back door. Unlike you, I'm not sure I could do that anymore.

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