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jacki long

Lovely, Carol! ;o)


What a lovely post!


You are so beautiful.

Amy in Texas

Thank you, Carol, for chosing the career you have and sharing your wisdom with us.

Vicki in Michigan

How lucky she was to have you to share some time with, discussing pancakes, syrup, sitting at the counter, and other important matters.


I hope when my time comes I am lucky enough to have a courageous and loving person like you by my side.


I always love your posts about your experiences doing the work you have chosen to do. Bless you!

Linda Watson

Now that is a conversation to be treasured.


Bless your beautiful heart!


You are amazing.


thank God for you and the way you do the work you do. God bless Loretta too.


Loretta lives on....thanks.


what a beautiful thing you did this day

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