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Barbara Casillas

Looking at the variety in sizes, shapes, and colors, I don't think a person could have too many of those tiny trees. The possibilities for displays are endless.


Hi Carol,
Do you use a dressing on the beans and peppers? I make that every other week or so. It is delish in a toasted pita pocket. The dressing I use is equal parts water oil sugar and vinegar. That little number is useful for many things and very good.It keeps well in a jar.
Those trees are too much!


I think I would have had a very hard time packing away those new little elves. They were my favorite. Have fun in Palm Springs!

Carolyn Dietrich

I totally relate to having memories attached to my Chistmas ornaments. Mine and packed away until next year. I had a hard time letting go of Christmas this year. It was delightful and the tree and other decorations and lights make the house so warm and festive. Thank you for sharing recipes - you haven't shared one yet that I didn't like. I love our blog and your sister's, Dispatch from LA. Looking forward to hearing about your art trip to Palm Springs. God bless!

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