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That pie looks like a whole lot of comfort to me. Something creamy, nutty, oh yum.
I agree, when I'm the one dying I hope my friends and family remember the good meals, the laughter, the fun times. You know, the important stuff.

Barbara Casillas

I think they can hear us. My mom passed away three months ago. It was a day or two before she passed, and she was unresponsive. All of a sudden, she said "orange" and those of us around her were running through the possibilities of what she meant. So out loud, someone said, she wants orange juice. And I said, she hasn't been drinking orange juice for quite a while. And then, clear as day she says, "I meant milk." Well, yes, she had been drinking milk daily for weeks. So we got a syringe and dribbled some milk in her mouth. She never spoke again after that, but we talked to each other and to her knowing she was listening.

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