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Susan S

If you make it clear supportive foundation garments are not required for the weekend at the cabin in the woods, I bet you'll get more takers. NOBODY likes to wear a push up bra in the woods. Nobody.


I say: Who needs push up undergarments in the cabin in the woods? Let the girls loose, if you get my drift.


Looks like a gorgeous poncho but I'm wondering who thought that model/shot was good for much more than a laugh. Now I know where the term 'quite a rack' originated.

Yes, longer definitely and I love the color.


We will have to take a photo of our class members in their ponchos, once they are all done. Have fun!

Vicki in Michigan

Looks good! Love your stitch markers!!! :-)




Very pretty. Support is a good thing, but when the boobs are higher than the armpits, well, that's just weird. Unless, of course, that what your got for...


Going for...darn auto-incorrect!

Deb V

This is beautiful. I love your color choice. I'm making exactly the same pattern, but in teal.

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