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They are beautiful. you should continue...


Never stop blogging about zinnias! Living in a condo I no longer have a garden and I used to grow zinnias--one of y favorite flowers. I get to experience them vicariously through you.


Well, it will be hard not to continue to try different combinations together. It's like making a flower quilt!


Can we see a pic of your zinnia bed? What direction does it face? Trying to think if they might grow in Albuquerque.

Peggy Fry

they are SO BEAUTIFUL! my new favorite flower. Last year all of mine were a variety of hot pink. This year I have added Orange, Red, Rust, White and Yellow. I drool with delight each time I behold them. I cannot cut one to bring in because I love seeing them outside so much!!!


Peggy: I planted so many you can't even tell I am cutting them!

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