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Sharon Walworth

Just starting to make the plans and decisions to which you refer, I find today's "message" to be extremely helpful. I have printed it out and added it to my growing pile of notes, research, etc. Thanks!!!!!!

Beth Leintz

Carol, Thanks for sharing this. As I get older, I've had more experiences with being close to people who have died- which is no surprise, but it's also made me think about what would be the best way for me to die. I've kind of come to the same conclusion as you, but I've not shared it with anyone for fear of sounding morbid or ungrateful for medical advances. You've articulated it very well.


Brave. Scary. Wise...hmmmm, I need to chew on this a whole lot more. Thanks for sharing Carol. Luv ya!

jacki long

I agree, now to get it down on paper and known. Tanks Carol, I have procrastinated long enough.

robin cox walsh

Amen! I'm with you 100%! Just let me go.....

jeanette sclar

Thank you for your service! And I do not mean that tongue-in-cheek! It's a great service to every reader- if nothing else it should prompt consideration of one's own wishes!


Thanks to all for reading and adding your comments and perspectives.


Thank you!!! I have the same feelings and need to make sure everyone knows my wishes.



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