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What a charming supervisor!

judy Wise

You have lurkers. (just so you know)


mary ann

i go where judy goes. make us some cocktails STAT!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Hmmm... my garden supervisor keeps forgetting his place and gives me a hand with the digging! His name is Ozzie and he's an Airedale.

Michelle Rydell

Ha! Lewis is adorable!!!


Lewis looks like a wonderful supervisor - elegant, refined - I am sure he has impeccable taste. I am such a chaotic gardener, I have 5 supervisors...
Your iris are just gorgeous - mine haven't even started to put up the buds....


Lewis + lemony/almondy drinkie = heaven. But your flags are out too?? In Kansas? Wow - haven't seen any out yet here in middle Oregon. Lewis + drinkie + purple beards with fragrance = jealous. Love your blog. Will read right after I read mAm's.


Sounds dee-lish. Lewis looks like a really wonderful supervisor.

julie macneil

so cute and the drink sounds yummy! oh my gosh i am drooling over your flowers and springy-ness! here in iowa it's still cold and we got two inches of snow yesterday! :>( i am fan of your sisters blog and had to stop by to say hi!


Lewis is gorgeous...and my kind of supervisor! Your garden is beautiful...we still have rain & cold temps here in NE Ohio. I found your blog through Mary Ann's...nice to have you blogging, too. Thanks for the yummy recipe...might have to try that...I don't have any amaretto...but I do have a bottle of limoncello in the freezer.


Hello Carol, Who would not love Lewis? Just look at that face! I will save this delightful recipe, with hopes I'll be using it soon. Right now if I work in the garden, I need to run inside for a hot cup of coffee. No snow here (The Northeast), but it is still way too cold to be late April. Between you and your sister, I am experiencing some serious flower envy!

Brian Kasstle

Lewis is stupendous, and wonderful! I have two Main Coon cats, Hank and Tyler that supervise my visual journaling. I will have to try that drink for my friends. As Marge Simpson said to Lisa after one too many drinks "your a pretty little gurl...."

Nancy Lynn

I love your supervisor and your "cool" drink. Just had to stop by after Mary Ann posted your link. I love your blog and your sister's blog. She does the best classes ever. I have no garden here in the desert but I enjoy looking at them because I am from Oregon and love the flowers and green grass.

Beth in NE PA

My supervisor's name is Bentley. He likes to sniff around and also helps in the digging sometimes. But mostly he likes to chase squirrels and chipmunks.
I think your drink sounds wonderful Two of my favorite flavors amaretto and Lemon!!!

Corliss (Corky the cat nanny)

Ms. Mary's cat nanny here. Kansas is a mite farther away than LA, but would love to scratch Lewis's furry ears some day - he is a handsome fella! Congrats on the blog launch - will be lurking about for more Tall Tales.

Judy H.

Lewis is just lovely.
Heading outside now to do a little garden labor, then will sit, sip lemonade and admire the fruits of that labor. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)


Any sister of MaryAnn's has to be a friend of mine! Glad to see you jump into the blogworld.


Ah, your iris bring back such memories. Can't wait to whip up that relaxing drink. Hope Lewis isn't too strict a taskmaster.


The drink looks great.. and I am happy that your supervisor is more active than mine... he is starting to slow down a bit at 11.. and he sleeps on the job a lot!

Cathy Graves

I wish Lewis could be my supervisor where I work (color me envious!). Work would be infinitely more pleasant!! He is so beautiful!! I knew you had to be blessed with a wonderful sense of humor--after all, you are MaryAnn's sister. I love your blog so far so count me as a follower, if not a lurker!! Keep on posting--especially those cocktail recipes!!

Michele Unger

Yum! My "supervisor" is sleeping next to the computer now that he has passed judgement on what I served for dinner and found it acceptable.....NO petting until he wakes up for his night-time treat.

Bossy sort of supervisor, as you can see.

Victoria Bolton

I dislike cooking, but this recipe is just right! Thank you, and welcome to Blogland!

lk ludwig

lots of lurkers... ;>

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