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Shelley Noble

Welcome to the blogosphere, Carol!

Janet Ghio

Love your coffee and lemon marmalade posts!! Makes me wish I had some right now!!


Welcome! I love your photos and I will be trying lemon marmalade just as soon as I can procure some lemons. I wonder how blood orange marmalade would be hmmm.... Or lime???

Brian Kasstle

Welcome to blogsville! Another Moss sister bloggin' Awesome!!!

Michele Unger

Welcome! Great photos.

Jannie Mc

Hi Carol! A cute little café - I'm desperately trying to see what book you're reading. Could it be a travel guide, laying plans for a new adventure? Good luck with your new blog x


I agree... congratulations on another Moss sister blogging... I await a martini recipe too! Hum... one with some lemony goodness??? And the view from the coffee house looks so like a place I know... funny how good coffee spots look alike!

Kimberly Jones

I love coffee. I love books. I love marmalade. I love to eat and walk and shop in Chicago. I love your blog! Welcome!


I think I'll go have a coffee...


I enjoyed reading your posts...looking forward to the next one!


Thank you for making my morning Carol, so glad to be able to stalk you online too! It will be fun to get the martini recipes from the source ;-)


ok,somebody squealed-- not that I am going to do the same but-- sure glad she 'mentioned' you started a blog!!! Looking forward to more. Kindest regards.
Missy from the bayou


Of course I enjoyed the cappuccino post since my blog is called Cappuccino And Art Journal -- I love cappuccino. And the photos are cool too. Welcome to the blogging world and have fun.


And I salute you, Carol!

Mary Ann told me a little about you when we met in Paris (all good) and I told her how much I had enjoyed a certain sequence of photos featuring you.

You'll love being a blogger. Suddenly the world wants to talk to you.

Very best wishes from France.


Hi Carol
i salute you!!!
your sister is supercool
can't wait to meet you more


welcome to the blogging world - i think it's great you and she take trips together as sisters...
will visit often

Judy H.

Enjoyed your brand new blog posts (btw: I don't live too far from Hi Hat Coffee)! I've been following your sister's blog for awhile and look forward to reading yours. :)


love love love sugar in the raw! And yes, there is nothing like a wonderful latte or espresso to put a smile on your face, I agree!!! :)

Lisa Hoffman

Sister Carol joins in and the World starts to shimmer just a little bit more.

Melissa S.

Welcome to the blog world, Sister! We are glad to have 2 Moss girls keeping us entertained!


Nice to meet you Sister, have followed you via MA's blog. Look forward to hearing your side of things.

jeanette, mistress of longears

How fun to see posts right here! I'm in Overland Park!


Greetings from a local! Hi Hat IS wonderful, maybe we'll bump into each other someday. :)

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