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I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one who's creativity goes missing during a class. I like to think I'm putting it on hold so that I can absorb all that the teacher has to offer and all that's going on around me. Maybe it's even true!

Love your envelope book - I'm a fan of anything with pockets. It turned out great! So glad your sister pointed me in your direction. I'm enjoying your blog!

Judy H.

I wish blogs had a *like* button similar to Facebook. :)


Good to know there's hope for those forlorn books made but still sitting empty on the shelf. Welcome to the world of blogging!

moss sister #3

hey was that the class you took from jeanne elmer? she's the one that gave me the great recommendation for the paris flea market! you know...the flea market where i got you some cool shiz but haven't mailed it to you yet due to my extreme laziness.


No. I took an unstructured (or some name like that) class from Jeanne Elmer that was great though - I used her format for several other things I made. You got me stuff at the paris flea market that you haven't sent me? Maybe you could give it to the easter bunny and he will make a special trip? I mean while he's delivering the baskets to the kids in the neighborhood and all.


Carol, Hello, Youre book is wonderfulits always fun to doodle paste and cut:). I follow your sister and just came here to say welcome to blog world and hello,
Have a great day,


Love the look of this envie book, great job, looks like a fun project!

Jannie Mc

You Moss sisters make the best journals! I'm sure no scrap goes to waste in your homes. What lovely ideas!

Debra Mason

I love your sister and now I love you! Couldn't agree more about being creative within a specific time frame. I really like the way you ended up using the envelopes. Obviously, creativity runs in the family!!


visiting from your sis' blog...so enjoy your travels and art and even recipe pics! cool envie book...great way to use it for remodel ideas...


How does your brother keep up with you two?

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