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mary ann

yeah but why'd you have to make my nose look so big?


I guess for the same reason I gave myself one big ear that looks like the handle on a coffee cup.


Wonderful - it should be about having fun. What other reason could there be?

Leslie J. Moran

I have not done contour drawing since I took an art class many moons ago. As I recall, you can't go backwards and it's a continuous line...think I'll have a go. Thanks for the inspiration. Both excellent depictions! VERY funky :)

Nancy Lynn

It's all about doing it and not the outcome. I have not done anything like this myself.......just can't draw at all. Thanks for sharing.


You don't have to be able to draw to do a contour drawing. You just look at the subject, put your pencil to the paper and go! No lifting the pencil off the page and no looking at the paper until you are completely done.

Judy H.

Cool contour drawings (it's been years since I've done one), cool journal pages. :)


love the contour drawings! so cool

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