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Cream of wheat...yummmm. Have not had that in years. What is it about pictures of food, when one is not even feeling the least bit hungry and now I'm downright peckish. It's been chilly here in Colorado too. I judge you not and am off to stoke the appetite, er...fire. I enjoy your blog.

Brian Kasstle

I have relatives from Canadian farms, that would be a snack dear... You have not seen EATING on a farm..


Oh, I do understand! Being from MI you learned to keep the inner fire burning or your bones would freeze in place. Banana pancakes? Esp. with pecans? My fav! Oh, and let me be the first to say Happy Belated Birthday!

Nancy Lynn

Well I won't know what a chilly day is like for a long time now here in the Hot Desert but irregardless of the weather, I could eat me a plate of those pancakes and bananas.

Cathy Graves

Cream of Wheat....one of God's most perfect foods (along w/brown sugar and milk!!)!!


how can you make cream of wheat look so delicious?

jeanette, mistress of longears

WHY WHY WHY was I not reading along during all those cold, wet May days???? Mea culpa!

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