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julie macneil

oh, thanks soooo much for sharing!!!! i love looking into other peoples journals and yours is very inspiring!!!!! wonderful and beautiful!


LOVE your journal. I recently found out this style of journal isn't for everyone when mine was called nothing but junk. Hmpff! Not stopping me though. I hope to go to Ireland next year and will have one ready to take!

Judy H.

We're getting ready for a trip to Alaska, and I look forward to making a travel journal to extend the experience. Love your journal. :)


Your journal if fabulous! I have started making them before I go on trips, and try to record all the we see and do. It is a great reminder and often helps with the photos once I get home. I also have been taking along a little Pogo printer so I can print out a few photos along the way. Your trips sound so interesting and I can only imagine how much fun it must be to travel with you and your sister.

Nancy Lynn

There is nothing like having a journal. Thanks for sharing yours. It is just great. Love your blog.


I love traveling vicariously with you and your sister....happy to discover that you have a blog!


Oh! I do like this entry. Look at you 2 having a great time together.

What could be nicer than a French chateau in the background? I see you went to Chambord - just a short drive from our village. Isn't it a weird one?

'Sister lost ticket' - you know, that surprises me. I found her the perfectly clued-up traveller. Now we know!

Jannie Mc

Did you learn to speak French (as you say on your list)?
Beautiful journal, as is your Istanbul one on your sister's blog. Thanks for sharing!


Jannie: I have until I go back to France to learn to speak french. Right now I am focusing all my attention on the language of our next destination!

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