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Cathy Graves

I can't remember the last time I baked a dessert but these bars look so AWESOME!!! (wiping drool off my chin!!) Muchas gracias for the recipe!!


I love everything about your blog and reading it is one of my happy moments every day - keep up the good work! You've got me so enthused about drinkies - going to make a trip to the liqour store as I have
absolutely no booze since I used the last of my amaretto for my trifle at x-mas!


Carol I am enjoying your blog so much! My question is how you stay so svelte; you know, with all the cocktails and baking and such? Anyway, I've had so much Chambord Lemonade lately, that I had to switch the lemonade concentrate to to pink lemonade crystal light and the ginger ale to diet 7-up. It's not the same I tell you but I pretend it is.

Nancy Lynn

I am going to need several of your drinks and a plate of your bars if your sister doesn't post that class pretty soon. I'm like the Mervyn's commercial of long ago.........Open Open Open. Have a great day Carol. I love your blog.

Leslie J. Moran

I was going to write to you to ask for a good recipe for my "Absolut Pear Vodka" that I was given as a gift. Then, I see these bars...to heck with the recipe, I'm going straight to the bars and washing them down with the full blast! But, if you do have a special recipe...I'm there!

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